Who We Are:

The Veggie Stand is located on a small hobby farm in southern Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  Successes in produce are made available throughout the growing season and the “gals” share their eggs throughout the year.  We presently have brown eggs with an occasional white contribution. Because successes are limited, this informational site is shared with understanding family, friends, and neighbors.  While we remain small, our hope is to continue to share quality veggies and chicken eggs.

During the growing season, there are no set business hours but the stand’s open window and colorful “Open” sign indicate availability of fresh veggies.  Some veggies will be displayed at the stand while others need to be picked at the time of request for freshness.

Through the year, information on available items from the hobby farm is shown on this site’s Farmette News page.  If you are not already on our e-mailing list and would like to be informed of newsletter updates, let us know through the “Contact Us” page.

                                The Veggie Stand is closed but not finished.
        See the  Farmette News  page for remaining available produce & eggs.  


We appreciate the support provided by family, friends, and neighbors who share our farmette adventures through the website newsletters and visits to The Veggie Stand.  Whether you purchase through us or just want to eat healthy food, we hope you enjoy local farm produce and avoid pesticides and preservatives, when you can. 


(frost begins the climb up hill, advancing farther each cold day)