(weeping cherry & Norway maple trees)

(updated 11/10/18)


Some Fall Crops are Still Available

(southern style collard greens grown and served by Farmer Tom, joined by warm cornbread. Yum!)



>     Collared greens
>     Kale

>     Garlic


(our greenhouse covered by frost)

Eggs are available.
The price remains:
also available in 1/2 doz. cartons for $1.00

A few Luffa sponges are available:
$1.50/ea. for regular size;
“mini” luffas are $ .25/ea.                                                                                                                                                                    ~                                                                      

 Humor from a Popsicle Stick:
What stays in a corner but goes around the world?
(a stamp!)

“oh brother!”

If you want a smiler viewing chickens swinging on swings, check the videos at www.fowlplayproducts.com.

(Norway maple tree)

Bye, for now,
Eydie, Spouse of Farmer Tom