(updated 05/05/18)


The Veggie Stand remains closed.
The growing season is behind schedule.


There are a few eggs available at this time.  The price remains:
$2.00/doz.     also available in 1/2 doz. cartons for $1.00

A few Luffa sponges are available:
$1.50/ea. for regular size;   “mini” luffas are $ .25/ea.


Farm news:
  • Lots of baby plants are growing in the inside nursery and outside greenhouse.
  • Garlic planted in October is looking good!
  • We are presently about two weeks behind in the growing season because of the cold weather in April.  The ground needs to warm more for many crops like peppers, tomatoes, and squash to be comfy.
Bug news:
  • Emerald Ash Borer:  (originated in S/E Asia)
    This insect has decimated ash trees in our area.  The ash trees in our woods have felt this bug’s wrath and it now appears we will lose the ash tree directly outside our sun room window.
  • Spotted Lantern Fly:  (originated in S/E Asia)
    With the warm weather, eggs will be hatching.  Schuylkill County is in the quarantined area.  Please be watchful now for the nymphs and later in the summer for the adults.  These insects are very destructive; they extract sap from plants and are known, so far, to attack 70 different plants including grapes and apples.  Their favorite hang-out is in the Tree of Heaven plant.  Please contact the Penn State Extension Office at 570-622-4225, ext. 23, or look up information on-line for further details.
  • Hammerhead Worm:  (originated in S/E Asia)
    Known to inhabit Pennsylvania, a suspected squirmy critter was brought to Farmer Tom for further examination and confirmation at the Extension Office.  This worm is known to prey on earthworms.



 A bit of Humor from Frisbee Road:
Why did the crow fly across the road?
To avoid the caws!

“oh brother!”


If you want a smiler viewing chickens swinging on swings, check the videos at www.fowlplayproducts.com.

Bye, for now,

Eydie, Spouse of Farmer Tom