(updated Sunday, 09/20/20)  


–  There’s been a heavy frost, but…..
The Veggie Stand is still OPEN –

The first frost was a hard frost.  It hit Frisbee Road the evening of September 18th, the following night, we were hit hard again.  Most crops were affected although many were already ending because of the shortening days of late summer.

               This summer we appreciate the wearing of masks to protect the displayed produce and each other; please socialize away from the displays.
Please do not touch the produce unless it is an item being purchased.
               If you choose to remain in your vehicle, we will bring the produce to you. 

cilantro, dill, oregano, parsley

dinosaur kale
spaghetti squash
butternut squash


(hen, “Doodle” and her roo hubby, “Boots”)




          Egg production  is slow and since the bantams are no longer laying eggs, Farmer Tom and Spouse are eating eggs from Son of Barn hen house, too.  

So now our farmette has only four young egg-laying hens who regularly gift us their golden eggs each day. But we still enjoy sharing.  If interested in purchasing eggs, let us know.  If we can’t accommodate you at once, we’ll be happy to place you on a waiting list.  

The price remains:
also available in 1/2 doz. cartons for $1.00

A few Luffa sponges are available:
$1.50/ea. for regular size;
“mini” luffas are $ .25/ea.                      ~                              

Humor from a Popsicle Stick:
What do chickens and ink have in common?
(They both go in a pen)

“oh brother!”

If you want a smiler viewing chickens swinging on swings, check the videos at www.fowlplayproducts.com.

Bye, for now,
Eydie, Spouse of Farmer Tom