(updated 02/08/19)

On a cold and windy day, the best snow view is from the home’s sun room.

–  The Veggie Stand is closed –
No produce or items are available.

If interested in purchasing eggs, contact us and we will be happy to add you to a waiting list.  Eggs are slow in production over the winter months.

.The price remains:
also available in 1/2 doz. cartons for $1.00

A few Luffa sponges are available:
$1.50/ea. for regular size;
“mini” luffas are $ .25/ea.                                                                                                                                                                    ~                                                                      

 Humor from a Popsicle Stick:
What kind of a ball won’t bounce?
(a snowball)

“oh brother!”

If you want a smiler viewing chickens swinging on swings, check the videos at www.fowlplayproducts.com.

Bye, for now,
Eydie, Spouse of Farmer Tom

Spunky and 2 hens seek cover from the wind…and the sunbeam doesn’t hurt