(updated 10/18/19)


    –  The Veggie Stand is CLOSED! –

Remaining from the growing season:

Pumpkins?!:  An errant pumpkin vine grew in the compost pile this year.  Although there was a heavy frost, we gleaned a few pumpkins —  enough to decorate the farmette with a few left to share.  The lengthy vine was named Audrey III and although only a few small pumpkins remain, this harvest was a nice surprise.

Play Time:  Farmer Tom handled the heavy jobs (like taking straw bales to the front porch for Fall decorating) and Spouse of Farmer Tom added colorful seasonal objects to announce the change in seasons (as if nature can’t handle that beauty on its own).  The trees have turned beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red.  And the wooly bear caterpillars are on the march displaying various colors, supposedly predicting a mild or severe winter.  

Work, Work, Work:  Farmer Tom is busy grooming the fields for rest and handling many miscellaneous jobs before cold weather arrives.  There have been several accommodating weeks of clear warm weather to take care of outside tasks.  Although a few projects remain, we really have no excuse to not be prepared for the cold season.  

Field to Fork:  Farmer Tom continues to prepare meals from garden goodies.  It seems each year brings a new dish to the table.  This year, we grew acorn squash.  This photo shows a baked scooped-out acorn squash with cubed apples, lemon pepper and butter.  Yum! 

Enter the SLFOur first sighting of the dreaded Spotted Lantern Fly occurred Wednesday, October 2nd.  A relaxing time viewing the back yard soured as a breeze announced their entry.  Dozens appeared and were immediately attacked by Spouse of Farmer Tom.  Hundreds of the destructive insect have been killed since that day and the battle continues.  


         The backyard chicken clans are preparing for the cold weather by “molting.”  Some are losing their feathers with new ones growing back already.  They go through this ritual each year, in various degrees, in order to provide a thick winter coat.  

          Egg production continues not only from the newer hens but also from the older gals.  They’re not to be outdone by the newbies.  If interested in purchasing eggs, contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your request or add you to a waiting list.

The price remains:
also available in 1/2 doz. cartons for $1.00

A few Luffa sponges are available:
$1.50/ea. for regular size;
“mini” luffas are $ .25/ea.                      ~                              

Popsicle Stick Humor-

What did the horse say to the angry cow?
What’s your beef?!

“oh brother!”

If you want a smiler viewing chickens swinging on swings, check the videos at www.fowlplayproducts.com.

Bye, for now,
Eydie, Spouse of Farmer Tom