(updated 10/18/19)

This newsletter’s featured fowl is “Doodle”

          If you look closely to the bottom right corner of this photo, you’ll see the silhouette of a small chicken on top of the small A-frame inside of the House of Bantam chicken run.
          Doodle, a cute whitish bantam hen, is crowing.  Sometimes, chickens reverse their role.  Doodle has always wanted to announce her presence with an attempt at crowing like the roosters.  Her crow is a little weak but her attempt is to crow her heart out!  She also egg-sits during the summer at a time when she and other hens feel “clucky.”
          Sometimes roosters, too, empathize with their flock-mates and cackle when one of their hens lays an egg.  And if there is a problem when a warning signal needs to get another chicken’s attention, it doesn’t matter who makes noise.
          Observing how chickens act in order to communicate is very interesting.  Chickens are a flock creature and each needs to be a part of his/her family’s daily routine.  They never cease to try to please the rest of their clan.
          Below is a closer look at Doodle, a little hen with a love for backyard adventures with her clan.   In this photo, she escaped to the top of Sophie’s Place chicken run.
After all…..
……….a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do and sometimes a higher perch provides a better view!