(updated 07/06/18)


          The only bantam chick born in July, 2012, Spunky was slowly pushed away by his previously attentive flock.  Why?  Because the rest of the flock, first mom, then dad, then the other hens, realized he was growing up rooster.  All alone, he continued trying to fit in and enjoying outside adventures.  And then he found his purpose.  He was placed in a pen with the larger egg-laying hens and became their leader.   

          Spunky goes through all the motions of being the head chicken in Son of Barn hen house but the gals only listen when he shows them where the treats hide and when it’s time to roost for the night.  Despite the lack of respect from his ladies, he is very proud of his responsibilities and very protective.  Although this little tyke is most likely too small to actually protect his flock from predators,  he brags his lofty position daily (seemingly competition with the rising sun).   After all…………..

                       ………a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do
                                    and claiming one’s territory is the rooster thing to do! 

2 of Spunky’s ladies are Cuckoo Marans hens. They lay large brown eggs.