(updated 06/08/20)

This newsletter’s featured fowl is “Daisy”

        Five-year-old Daisy has been featured several times in our newsletters.  She spent her first winter in the home’s mudroom but was eager to join the outside chickens in the Spring.  The problem was they were not eager to include her.  Sooooo, a younger intimated rooster and two other newbies were her new roomies.
          At first she wanted nothing to do with her feathered companions, she had enough of rejection.  She chose for a long time to take on adventures and night-time roosting on her own terms but she now accepts and joins in with Boots and Doodle as her mates roam the yard and roost at night.
          It seems alright to be a loner but more fun to join in and share life’s adventures.    When Boots discovers a good treat wiggling across the yard, Daisy often beats Doodle to the prize.  Her feathered feet and topknot add to her special look as she scurries along.  She has discovered that life is worth waking up each morning and looking forward to enjoying a dried worm treat each evening before calling it a day.

 After all…..
……….a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do and not just living life but enjoying life can be really cool!

Yes, Daisy really DOES have eyes.