(updated 11/10/18)

                                  *T.H.E. Pearle Chicken

          Pearle, an over-sized bantam hen, has been featured several times.  She was one of the first four hens purchased to join Feisty in his hen house during Spring of 2009.  She is one of the oldest chickens remaining in the back yard and the oldest bantam.  She’s had babies, changed hen houses several times, and has enjoyed many life adventures both inside and outside the confines of fencing.  She’s overcome fear of change and hassles from other chickens.  At the age of nine, she shows no sign of slowing down.   
          First to the pasture in the morning, she prances with confidence.  If Farmer Tom or Spouse enters the hen house, she has no hesitation to check out the situation.  This is HER territory.   One stare from Pearle causes hens and mankind to (kind’a) tremble and leave her alone.  And she “knows” it. 
After all……. 
………a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do and letting others see your confidence helps to get the first worm, too!


* Tenacious Hen Extraordinaire Pearle Chicken


 (Pearle (background) joins the larger egg-laying chickens & bantam rooster, Spunky, in pasture surrounded by the newly-installed portable electric fence)