(updated 04/07/19)

                            Let’s hear it for the girls!!     

2 young hens enjoying treats in the pasture after laying their morning eggs

Goldie checks for treats in a space where no other hen treads

Daisy kicks up her feathered feet and runs toward Spouse of Farmer Tom, thinking she found some worms, too

 With Spring in the air, the young and not-so-young hens are busy laying eggs and enjoying worm-searching adventures.  It’s kind’a like punching in at the time clock for a VERY early work shift. 

                        And how about the guys?! 

The roosters are enjoying adventures, too, and (of course) love to broadcast their superiority and challenges.

Spunky STILL thinks he has control over his hen house. (the gals think otherwise)

          Chickendom includes:
Son of Barn hen house (where egg-laying hens live):
1 bantam hen (T.H.E. Pearle Chicken);
         9 large hens; rooster Spunky
House of Bantam:
2 bantam hens (Daisy & Doodle); rooster Boots
Sophie’s Place hen house:
2 bantam hens (Melon & Sweetpea); rooster Penelton
Ages range from 2 yrs. to 10 yrs. old.
T.H.E. Pearle Chicken is the oldest—->