(updated 01/05/18)

All Frisbee Chickendom

              All three hen houses have chicken clans of differing ages.  Activity is now limited because of the recent record-breaking cold snap; they prefer to stay inside their insulated homes to roaming outside on adventures.

              Shown below is the clan from Sophie’s Place hen house.  (clock-wise from left–yes, really):  Sebastian, Pixie, Slim, Cheeky, SweetPea, Penelton (the mighty leader), Melon (behind Penelton), and Rose venture outside to get a sip of water and see if their favorite evening treat has arrived.  As soon as their routine is complete, it’s back inside for all chickendom to search for a comfortable corner, nest box, or roost away from the coldness…..

                                  …..After all, a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do
                                              and finding protection from bad weather is the right thing to do!