(updated 10/01/17)

The Four “Chicketeers”



              The four bantam chicks are growing up ‘rooster.’  So far they enjoy belonging to the flock and don’t cause too much ruckus.  Mom Melon often keeps them in line; Mom Sweetpea pretends she’s not there;  Dad Pennelton pretends everything is just fine; and Roomie Rose just ignores the whole male ego situation completely.   All the newbies are healthy and enjoy daily trips to the fields where bugs and greens are plentiful.

              Differences are beginning to show as the springtime chicklets grow from typical chicks to chickens, taking on their parents’ look and personality.  “Sebastian” acts like a hotshot; “Slim” likes to run faster than his brothers; “Cheeky” likes to show off his feathered cheeks; and “Pixie” stays mostly in the background but likes to crow the loudest (or at least the most often).  Either Slim or Pixie is the cool chick who enjoys the coop’s swing but doesn’t stay long enough for a photo shoot…..

                   …..After all, a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do
                                       and keeping the humans wondering is a fun thing to do!      






The four chicketeers enjoy an outing with Mom Melon