(updated 06/21/19)

Congratulations to  Gertrude and Pickles–Employee Hens of the Month!    

          Several hens want to stay in nest boxes most of the day rather than play outside. Hens who continue to sit on the eggs are referred to as”clucky” because they feel the need to keep the eggs warm and, perhaps, raise young.

          These two gals seem to be complaining about the irresponsible hens who choose to lay an egg and run.  Gertrude, the black and white gal, is a Cuckoo Marans hen and lays a dark brown egg; Pickles, the hen to the right, is a Wyndotte hen who also lays a brown egg but lighter in color.  Both breeds are docile, unlike that crazy topknot gal with feathers sticking out of her cheeks, Pearle, who thinks she owns the place.

          T.H.E. Pearle Chicken is the only uncooperative hen when it’s time to collect eggs.  While others may grumble, she gets feisty and attacks the two-legged featherless folk who come to steal the goods.


No-spring-chicken Pearle (who has been featured several times past) is 10 years old and likes to think she’s queen of the roost——————————>
She’s a pretty bantam hen although larger than the other bantams.  The smallest hen in the egg-laying hen house, she lays a small cream-colored egg.   She did NOT make the distinction of Employee Hen of the Month but she IS fun to watch as she goes through her daily routine.

After all….
…..a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do and having seniority (or thinking you have) commands responsibility, too!