(updated Wednesday, October 7, 2020)



          Red came to live with us in September, 2018, from a home of Farmer Tom’s Master Gardener friend, Howard, along with five other well-cared-for coop-mates, “Goldie,” “Gabby,” “Spry,” “Pickles,” and “Little Red Hen.”  They all live in Son-of-Barn henhouse with two remaining Cuckoo Marans hens. 

          Red lays a large brown egg and loves to roam in her henhouse’s pasture, especially hanging out beneath the large pussy willow tree.

          When evening comes, she (along with the other gals) look to Farmer Tom for their before-we-go-to-roost treats.

After all…..
…..a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do and what better way to end your day than to fress on a dried worm or two! 

Goldie and Red enjoy a summer’s day trip to the pasture.