(updated 03/27/20)

This newsletter’s featured fowl is “Pennelton”

(Pennelton announces to anyone within earshot (and, perhaps, the world) that he is still the chief of chickens–at least on the morning of March 26th)

        Ten-year-old Pennelton was born, along with sister Tootsie, to Annabelle in the summer of 2010.  Pennelton and Tootsie were first raised in the mudroom.  After a few weeks, they were placed back in the chicken run with other chicks and mom and dad.  Although still neglected by their mom, dad Feisty took charge protecting them and showing them how to fit in the flock.  And fit, they did.
         He and Tootsie enjoyed many daytime hours roaming the property without venturing far from home. They became “host chickens” welcoming visitors to the  Field to Fork event held on our farmette Fall, 2011.
         Pennelton was given his own clan of bantam gals but only one hen, Sweetpea, remains.  He didn’t care much for the larger hens when given the opportunity to lead that clan several years ago but most likely he and sweetpea will need to join the egg-laying girls sometime this summer.
After all…..
……….a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do and sometimes downsizing is what we should do!

(a young Pennelton (Penny) and Tootsie check out their new digs back in 2010)