(updated 02/03/20)

This newsletter’s featured fowl is “Melon”

        Melon is a 4 1/2 yr. old golden-brown-colored Ameraucana bantam hen who lives in Sophie’s Place hen house with hen Sweetpea and our oldest rooster, Pennelton.  Melon was named when she first arrived here as a young hen with five other bantam hens by Aunt Lorin from Texas.  She is very docile and never causes trouble within her clan or with other chickens she meets.
          Recently, she decided to no longer jump into the hen house when it’s time to gather for evening’s rest; instead, she hops onto the outside flower box and is content to stay there until morning’s light.  Since it’s a little too cold to spend nights outside, each evening (after the sun sets) Farmer Tom walks inside her chicken run and opens the bottom part of the Dutch door she avoids hopping over.  Then Melon walks up the ramp and jumps onto a roost with her buddies.  Why should she hop when she can casually walk in?
After all…..
……….a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do and sometimes it’s nice to have some pampering, too!

(Pennelton, Melon, and Sweetpea enjoy a beautiful exceptionally warm winter’s day. With temperature reaching 58 degrees and bright sunshine, the day was indeed special for February 3, 2020.)