(updated Wednesday, 08/12/20)


Two mini-chickens (bantams)
“Boots” and “Doodle”
enjoy a day strolling through the back yard

          Boots is a four-year-old mini-rooster named for his feathered legs and feet. Like the other feathered-leg bantams, he has a Charlie Chaplin-like walk .  He enjoys taking care of Doodle but gets frustrated when she doesn’t listen to his commands—which is most of the time.

          Doodle, a mini-Sussex hen, enjoys long walks with her protective buddy.  She enjoys making nests in the barn’s loft although at her age of five years she really does not care to lay any more of those cute little eggs.

          Boots and Doodle are now the only remaining bantams living in House of Bantam hen house.  They enjoy free-ranging when Farmer Tom allows.

After all…..
…..a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do and daily adventures  make each and every day brand new!