(updated 06/21/19)

 A cute, but very hungry, little caterpillar   

          This summer, we show the early instar stage of the black swallowtail butterfly.  This teeny caterpillar can be easily missed until much later when the caterpillar grows.  In the meantime, this little tyke and companion (we can call them Frick and Frack) gobble food constantly.

          For a period of time, there is nothing on their minds but to eat everything.  This host plant is dill and they love it.  We have several caterpillar condos in the yard just covered with these little guys and it’s o.k.  Although caterpillars are destructive to their host plant, we have many dill plants available– just for them– so it’s no loss.  

          As adults, the black swallowtail butterfly is beautiful and butterflies are pollinators, therefore beneficial!

So you decide, is this critter a GOOD bug or a BAD one?