(updated Wednesday, October 7, 2020)

They are all grown up now

          Most folks are now aware of these invaders who came on a wind last summer.  They’ve laid their eggs which hatched this spring and now their misleading good looks give them away.         

          They first appeared this spring as babies, looking like teeny spotted ticks and hanging out on our hosta plants.  Then they became adventurous, climbing trees. And so they grew.

       Now these one-inched size adult Spotted Lanternflies  seem to be everywhere.  While looking out our kitchen window, we can count several walking along our deck railing.

          The last few weeks, they have been laying their eggs and will, assuredly, return next spring.

          Why the concern?     These sapsuckers can be found on their favorite host tree, the Tree of Heaven and they like maples, black walnuts, grapes, apple trees among others.  They weaken the plants they feed on.  

          They are very bad bugs and if you search, it won’t take long to see them and, perhaps, join in with other folks in the latest dance craze, “the Spotted Lanternfly Stomp.”