(updated 02/08/19) 

Groundhog Day Report, Feb. 2, 2019

    Few people in our inner circle are unfamiliar  with the Groundhog Day connection.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of the connection and may still want to, here’s the background:
       Many romantics become engaged with fanfare on Valentine’s Day but Farmer Tom and Spouse became engaged early February, 2002, with no particular fanfare.  When the oddity of the date was realized (02/02/02) and a newspaper headline on Groundhog Day was read, the humorous connection just seemed appropriate and a different way to celebrate.
           And so each year the connection is observed.  Some people think it silly, some think it dumb.  But like the annual Pennsylvania German observation (held to have fun during a dull winter), we choose to laugh at all the silliness the day brings.
            Here on Frisbee Road, Frisbee Frank and Freeway Fred make their annual prediction on our website.  Here is this year’s story:

             While exiting their burrow, neither Frisbee Frank nor Freeway Fred saw a shadow.  They searched for several minutes before announcing their shadow-less prediction calling for “an early spring.”  Observers facing the prognosticators, however, were puzzled wondering, how could this be?!   Alas FF & FF were just looking in the wrong direction!
               So, we leave the decision to you, will there be “six more weeks of winter” (which would reach Saturday, March 16th) or “an early spring” (which would come before Spring Equinox, Wednesday, March 20th)?  Your prediction will be as accurate as any prediction could possibly be because the groundhogs are always right OR never really wrong (I love when conflict is avoided) and once again, a day of laughter is shared with those silly little groundhogs throughout Pennsylvania.
Punxsutawney Phil,
Gobbler’s Knob, Punxsutawney, PA, saw no shadow (predicting an early spring) in front of thousands of participants;
Grover & Sweet Arrow Sue, Sweet Arrow Lake Park, Pine Grove, PA, saw their shadows (predicting 6 more weeks of winter) in front of far less guests that attended Phil’s event;
Frisbee Frank & Freeway Fred, Frisbee Road (once known as) Frisbie, PA, saw no shadow although other observers did (predicting 6 more weeks of winter AND an early spring) in front of Spouse of Farmer Tom and any stuffed animals in the vicinity.
              We’ll end this year’s report by quoting several members of Punxsutawney Phil’s Inner Circle:
“Live your life.  Let the weather do what it may.”
“Snow is beautiful through a picture window.”
“If I were you, I’d start shopping for swimsuits.”
 And from Frisbee:
“Enjoy the Winter.  See you, come Spring”

                                            as recorded by Spouse of Farmer Tom