(updated February 4, 2018) 

Groundhog Day Report

Frisbee Frank and Freeway Fred met their shadows early in the morning of  02,02  to predict six more weeks of Winter.

(spoiler alert:  “six more weeks of Winter” ends March 12th.
An “early Spring” or “Spring is right around the corner” on March 12th is earlier than the official Spring date of March 20th.
The groundhog is always right and folks just have a good time on what could be a boring day in the middle of Winter.)

Prognosticators and their Predictions:
Punxsutawney Phil (the most popular groundhog) saw his shadow  (predicting 6 more weeks of Winter)
Grover and Sweet Arrow Sue  (local groundhogs out Sweet Arrow Lake way) did not see their shadows  (predicting an early Spring)
Frisbee Frank and Freeway Fred (from Frisbee Road) saw their shadows  (predicting 6 more weeks of Winter)

(Freeway Fred, Frisbee Frank, their shadows, and the old Navy guy discuss plans for the Frisbee Almanac) 

          Since Frank and Fred enjoy their popularity and uneventful prediction successes, they plan on writing an almanac in collaboration with their shadows and the old Navy guy.
To be published by Frisbee Uncorp., the book is expected to be available in (when else)  SPRING !           Stay tuned!!