(updated 02/03/20) 

          On the dreary morning of Sunday, February 2, 2020, when many folks are anticipating all the celebration acquainted with anything Super Bowl related, there are many folks who are attentive to another annual event, Groundhog Day.  Although not drawing as many followers as the Super Bowl, it’s hard to mention “Groundhog Day” without smiling or expressing some form of opinion.  There is also the remembrance of the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day.  This year, there actually was a connection between the two celebrations as Jeep’s  Super Bowl commercial featured Mr. Murray relating their product to his famous reliving the Day over and over.  After all, Mr. Murray WAS instrumental in causing more interest in Punxsutawney, PA so why not the Super Bowl, too?! 

        Thousands gathered at Punxsutawney, PA with bated breath on Sunday waiting for Phil to predict what awaits locals for the remaining days of winter. Although not as popular, many folks get together in other areas for the same type of fun gathering.  At Sweet Arrow Lake Park, many folks gathered to discover prognosticators Grover and Sweet Arrow Sue’s prediction. And, of course, there’s Frisbee Frank and Freeway Fred of Frisbee Road fame where many (well maybe not so many) folks and other stuffed critters gathered to share in the suspense (well maybe not so much suspense either).    

       This year, Frank and Fred climbed out of “the woods” searching high and low for their shadows.  Not finding any sign of the evasive creatures, they came to the same conclusion as Phil, Grover, and Sweet Arrow Sue:

No shadow?   Then surely we’ll have an early spring!!

And this year Frank and Fred created a poem:

Each year we look forward to greet
our buddies the shadow twins.
Sometimes they appear;
sometimes they hide
But no matter, we always win.
Whether 6 more weeks of winter
or predicting an early Spring,
You see it doesn’t really matter
*The result is the same it’s always been.

  • six more weeks of winter would end on Sunday, March 15th;
    The official date of the Spring Equinox is on Thursday, March 19th;
    therefore March 15th would also be an early spring!


    The following is a comic from yesterday’s local paper—

(For those who read this page who still may not know why we have an interest here on Frisbee Road, Tom and Spouse became engaged on 02/02/02.  Finding out the date (after the fact) was Groundhog Day–a day of fun and laughter–just seemed more, well, unusual than say some other seemingly more appropriate day.)

Whatever the weather for the next few months,
may you enjoy each day and laughter, too.

                                                                     as recorded by Spouse of Farmer Tom