(updated 01/05/18)

An early morning red-bellied woodpecker
puffs feathers to stay warm as the moon shines through the tree’s branches.


winter heather in the front yard


A beautiful sunset warns of a drastic drop in temperature.


The barn’s weather vaneĀ  points to an approaching snow shower.


A blue jay braces against the wind.


Son of Barn hen house provides protection from the storm for Spunky’s clan.


a view of the cold outside from the warm inside


An empty bird feeder and bird bath draw no visitors.


Some light fools the camera into thinking “pink.”


a postcard from Frisbee


a view of the woods through a snowfall


just another backyard snow scene


It appears the trees love to cooperate with a snowfall coverage.


A female cardinal looks for her mister to join her at the birdfeeder
while the little junco hangs on a branch through a wind gust.