(updated Saturday, April 30, 2022)

–  The Veggie Stand is CLOSED, but……
…..we are getting ready for the growing season.


A Hellebores bloom, 04/03

     > Farmer Tom planted seeds in the mudroom’s nursery and growth is evident.  Once temperatures are stable on the warm side, plants will be transported to the greenhouse.  Once the soil is warmed, they will find their new residence in the tilled fields and begin life on their own.  They will face challenges out in their new world including insect attacks, critter munchies and disease but we look forward to a successful harvest and a time of sharing with family, friends and neighbors.  We’ll let you know how the young sprouts progress.


New neighbors “Pepper” and a yet-to-be-named sibling

    > We have new neighbors!  Sixteen baby chicks moved in next door as their human caretakers  take on a new chicken care adventure.  And yes, the chicks are getting named, too.  Mr. and Mrs. Neighbors are sharing the adventure with us as they look forward to fresh eggs this Fall.  And we smile at this new adventure in their life. 


Farmer Tom adds mulch to front yard tulips



>  Farmer Tom is adding mulch to the wonderful plants we have growing around the house.  The plants appear to be happy for their snuggy blanket.  Looking good!




 We continue to report that we have no eggs to share at this time.   We appreciate all the faithful customers who LOVE our delicious eggs and hope we will again, one day, have eggs to share.   Future chicken purchases will be young egg-laying hens, instead of baby chicks, to avoid raising roosters. 




Humor from a popsicle stick:

What do you feed a disappearing cat?
Evaporated Milk !

oh brother!!

If you want a smiler viewing chickens swinging on swings, check the videos at www.fowlplayproducts.

Bye, for now,
Eydie, Spouse of Farmer Tom