(updated Wednesday, March 31, 2021)



          Bantam roo (rooster), Pennelton, was born on the farmette.  The name may be familiar because he has been FFF several times through the years.  He’s the old timer of the chicken coops and his henmate is Sweetpea, the last newsletter’s FFF.

          Born in Sophie’s Place henhouse in the summer of 2010, he and his sister Tootsie wandered from their nest into the coop’s chicken run.   Their mom couldn’t watch them because she couldn’t leave the eggs that had not yet hatched.  So, these two teeny chicks came to live in the house’s mudroom until they could be placed back in the flock where dad, Feisty, taught them all things chicken and kept them safe as they grew.  Pennelton and Tootsie enjoyed backyard adventures for several years.  Pennelton raised chicks of his own and was always protective of his family.

bantam roo Pennelton and bantam hen Sweetpea enjoy an adventure outside their henhouse last summer

          Now at age eleven (supposedly *100 in chicken years), he and Sweetpea moved in with the larger egg-laying hens and the flock gets along fine.  He and Sweetpea do prefer, however, to go on their own adventures most of the time. 

         After all…..
…..a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do and adventures are many when you’re an exceptional roo !


* It appears that to determine a chicken’s age in human years, multiply the actual age by 10 and subtract 10.