(updated Wednesday, July 14, 2021)



         Goldie is believed to be a golden Red Sex Link hen.  She came to live on the farmette in September, 2018, along with five well-cared-for hens from her Friedensburg area flock.  We were pleased to assist Howard when he could no longer care for his hen buddies.  And Howard was pleased they were getting a good home.  The hens adapted well to their new environment and showed their contentment by sharing their large brown eggs the following year. 

       Goldie is about four years old.  She is very docile and mixes well with other coop mates.  She lays a large brown egg which bantam coop mate “Sweetpea” loves to nurture until Farmer Tom’s evening egg snatch.  Goldie and her buddies love worms and when they can’t find wiggly critters in the pasture, they enjoy Farmer Tom’s evening gift of dried worms.

         After all…..
…..a chicken’s gotta do what a chicken’s gotta do and when evening time comes, it’s nice to have an extra snack or two!

Goldie shares treats with a buddy while roo Pennelton watches over them.