(updated Sunday, November 14, 2021)

The Ladybug


          Looking for winter cover, ladybugs are finding their way into homes.  Sometimes their appearance becomes a major issue but to date we only have a few intruders. 

        There are many species of ladybugs in Pennsylvania.  A species from Asia even bites as witnessed by some of us humans.  We believe this little gal is a native 12(?) spotted ladybug.  When first spotted on the kitchen counter, she had her legs tucked in and appeared to be taking a nap.  Soon those legs came out crawling up a piece of paper as she was moved to a large plant in the sunroom, a room decorated with ladybugs (a hobby from Spouse’s youth)


This insect is a good bug


          Ladybugs are beneficial because they rid gardens of damaging aphids, mealybugs and other destructive insect pests.  They are known to lay their eggs among the aphids or other prey so the emerging larvae can feed on the insects, too. 
           AND, besides their beneficial eating habits, there’s no denying the cute factor.



some additional non-biting ladybugs in the sunroom