This unique year did not exclude Groundhog Day’s celebration.  This yearly party held to relieve mid-winter blahs was held virtually.  Farmer Tom, Spouse, Frisbee Frank, Freeway Fred and the Old Navy Guy tuned in at 6:35 AM to see Gobbler’s Knob festivities from a warm room on Frisbee Road.  It was a hoot!

  Mingling and anticipating Phil’s prediction is much more comfortably viewed virtually for interested folks than standing in the cold snowy town of Punxsutawney, PA  (at least for this household).  Following a time of warming up the “crowd,” the Inner Circle was escorted to the stage. (note the cardboard attendees to the left of the parade). 

          After much fanfare and the timely arrival of Phil from his log hide-away, the Inner Circle gathered around the prognosticator of    prognosticators listening  to his thoughts on the upcoming weather.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of comments rolled through Facebook’s page  (including one from Frisbee Road) for additional humor from around the world.

   At 7:25 AM, the prediction was read:  Phil saw his shadow (most likely cast from the stage lights since February 2nd was a very overcast day) and the prediction of
* SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER was announced.

Facebook’s comments read like the cheers and boos of a sports event.

          The cutest part of the show was Phil’s interaction.  He obviously is accustomed to his handlers and the closeness of a crowd.  Oh yes, and very well fed.  Thanks to Phil and the crew for another entertaining, mid-winter party.  30,354 people from around the world chose to tune in on this special event.  It seems a lot of people wanted to escape boredom on February 2, 2021.

  • six more weeks of winter would end on Tuesday, March 16th;
    The official date of the Spring Equinox is on Saturday, March 20th;
    therefore March 16th would also be an early spring!


(For those who read this page who still may not know why we have an interest here on Frisbee Road, Tom and Spouse became engaged on 02/02/02.  Finding out the date (after the fact) was Groundhog Day–a day of fun and laughter–just seemed more, well, unusual than say some other seemingly more “appropriate” day.)
Whatever the weather for the next few months,
may you enjoy each day and laughter, too.
                                          as recorded by Spouse of Farmer Tom