(updated Saturday, August 6, 2022)

This may be a tough one:
Can you name this plant with thorny stems and leaves?  Those cute small green somethings are still developing but will turn orange by Fall.

                                                                      (the answer is shown below)

“Pumpkin on a stick”
(Solanum integrifolium)
(an ornamental eggplant; not really a pumpkin)

When ripe, this thorny plant will look just like tiny pumpkins are growing on a stick!

   The photo below was taken in Fall 2021.
Two ripe mini pumpkin look-alikes were displayed in our kitchen.
Farmer Tom’s master gardener friend, Marge, gave us these darling newbies last year.
Late Fall, Farmer Tom dried the seeds.
This Spring, he planted the seeds.
The above photo shows the potted plant, now growing.
Thanks again, Marge, for this delightful newcomer to our farmette!
We now hope to continue to grow our own “pumpkins on a stick.”