(updated Wednesday, July 14, 2021)

What is this ugly baby ? !

                                                                                (details below)

A Multicolored Asian Ladybug’s Larval Stage

     Ladybug larvae have hearty appetites.  The little guy in the above photo (06/12/21) is most likely looking for a meal of aphids, mites, some other teeny plant pests or insect eggs–even, at times, ladybug eggs.

    Multicolored Asian ladybugs are larger than native ladybugs.  The  photo (10/09/19) below was taken on our home’s outside wall siding where many can be seen looking for a place to overwinter.

    Although they can bite, they have been a favorite bug of Spouse of Farmer Tom’s since her youth and if a few are discovered inside the home as they search for a place to overwinter, they are often placed in houseplants.